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a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity or organization

The objective of the Each One. Tell One. ambassador program is to broaden the exposure to the organization by leveraging a geographically disbursed network of volunteers. 

Ambassadors will have a passion for our cause, a platform to share our message and a drive to reach and educate each and every woman humanly possible.

Since the formation of Each One. Tell One. we have been blessed by many volunteers. With the upcoming launch of the Capital Campaign and a focused growth plan in 2018, the need for a broader base of volunteers is becoming evident. The Organization is growing well beyond the bandwidth of our Board of Directors  to take its next major steps in its plan.

We are looking for people that are willing to devote their time and effort in supporting and growing our key programs. This could include:

  • Being a spokesperson for Each One. Tell One. at events and conferences
  • Educating your community, as well as other organizations of the Each One. Tell One. message
  • Supporting the exposure of the Organization beyond local chapters
  • Supporting the annual Capital Campaign

Our Ambassadors need to be aware of current fund raising goals and identify opportunities for fundraising. Ambassadors also need to be able to articulate our mission and purpose. We are currently developing a set of talking points and FAQs to support the efforts of the Ambassadors. There will also be on-going communication to the Ambassadors on the progress of our programs.

If you would like to be an Ambassador, or learn more about the program, please contact

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