Each One Tell One: Wendy Damonte and Her Mom’s Story

Wendy Damonte was recently feaured in Reno Moms Blog. See the original article.

RMB is proud to support the local charity of Each One Tell One™, a grassroots movement about dense breast tissue (DBT) and early detection of breast cancer. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be featuring the stories of the founders of Each One Tell One™, as well as their educational materials and videos.

If you live in Reno, the odds are that you know and love Wendy Damonte.  She is that friendly and relatable fellow mother we see on the news practically every day.  We at Reno Moms Blog follow her own blog and love her writing style and insights to her personal life that she offers at www.wendydamonte.com.

For those of you who do not know her, Wendy Damonte is the evening news anchor and health reporter for the CBS affiliate in Reno, Nevada.  In 2011, she turned the cameras on her own family and chronicled her mother’s battle with breast cancer.  Her mom lost that battle.  Wendy lost her best friend. But through her research, Wendy discovered her mom didn’t die from breast cancer; she died because she had dense breast tissue and no one ever told her.

Through her involvement with Each One Tell One™, public speaking engagements and with the Dangerous Boobs Tour™, Wendy is now working tirelessly to inform women about dense breast tissue.  She believes a senseless death only remains senseless if the survivors do nothing to promote change.  Wendy’s work is her mom’s legacy. There are two powerful videos featuring Wendy that we encourage you to view.  The information could save your life or the life of a woman you love. The below excerpt is from Wendy’s blog:

On January 24th, 2014, I gave the talk of my life.  It was at TEDx University of Nevada.  The talk informs women about the dangers of dense breast tissue, and more importantly, what you can do if you have it.  40% of women have dense breast tissue and you have the right and the need to know this information.  Please watch my talk and pass it on to people you know and love.  Without grassroots movements like this, women will stay in the dark about this hidden danger.  Thank you for being a part of my mission to save women’s lives.  The video below my TEDx talk is my Mom’s Story.  Please watch that as well… maybe with a glass of wine!

If just ONE of you who watches this 23 minute video goes and gets screened for breast cancer, then my mom’s death won’t have been in vain.  My photographers at my TV station and I shot this story over the course of a year (2011).  And it took me another year to find the courage to put it together (2012).   This is My Mom’s Story, Her Battle With Cancer.

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