3 Women Launch Dangerous Boobs Tour™

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Author: AuntMinnie.com Staff Writers

A grass-roots initiative has launched the Dangerous Boobs Tour™ to educate women about Dense-Breast Tissue and the potential need for additional screening such as with MRI or ultrasound.

The Dangerous Boobs Tour™ was founded by Heather Reimer, Wendy Damonte, and Chiqeeta Jameson.  All three women said they have been affected by Dense-Breast Tissue ; Jameson and Reimer are cancer survivors whose cancers were missed by mammography but later detected through ultrasound or automated whole-breast ultrasound from SonoCine, according to the initiative.

The tour’s mantra – Each One, Tell One™ – is meant to inspire women to learn about their own breast density and, in turn, educate friends and loved ones.  More information is available at EachOneTellOne.com.